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Community Management & Operational Marketing

Presence on social networks - results oriented

- Publications on social networks: including Facebook, Instagram, (posts/stories), LinkedIn, Youtube with a mix of 2 publications/week.  

(target attendance/turnover)

- Publication calendar + monthly meeting

- Creation of a visual identity specific to your products/services.

- Advertising on social networks

- "Call to Action" including to your site / forms / shop, ... or specific campaigns ....

- Respect for your visual identity and that of your suppliers.

- Online forms with GDPR management and emailing

- Management of your e-reputation

- Monitoring of comments/opinions on the networks

- Management of Google pages / reviews

Commercial actions
- Implementation of actions: scheme, training, participation in phoning for greater results.
- Marketing advice, support
- Commercial appointments and replacement of personnel.
Creation of Photo/Video content

- Content management: photos, video from images and video sequences.

- Creation of photo content  : products / micro - mini studio - lighting.

- Creation of video content: video clips including lighting / sound recording / editing.

- Creation of video content: customer / supplier interview - sound / light

- Drone footage

Media on event - out/in...

- Animation of exhibited products, totems, large screens, counters of likes, signage of events.

- Original autonomous solutions.


Website / Landing pages / Advertising / Print

- Content management of existing sites

- Online shops with payments

  deliveries, making appointments,     


- Your site - complete solutions

- Landing pages: events, offers, products

-Google Ads

- Google Merchant Center

- Shopping campaign

- Creation of logos, documents, arguments.

- Press & advertising content

- Creation of tarpaulins, panels

- Creation of print-ready files

Marketing ideas & original campaigns

- Ideas to differentiate yourself..

- Monthly marketing meetings & proposals - monitoring of achievements  

- Media agency - original media

- We get involved in your business.


Contact / interest / offer-price

Thank you for what you sent !

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