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A small team with more than 10 years of experience in Community Management and site marketing.

A marketing experience of

25 years and the performance of a young computer graphic designer who has just graduated.


The experience of the company and the self-employed guarantees you deep respect for your image and your objectives. Everyone can, without a doubt, manage their own presence on social networks and their marketing. goal...

You must be able to concentrate on your professional activity by being able to rely on ByCM to ensure quality content: images, videos, faultless texts, frequency of publications and respect for the visual identity of the brands and companies with which you work.  

A monthly meeting to take stock of the impact of publications on your turnover and set the publication schedule... Marketing advice....

ByCM is now  a company  with ideas to communicate #different on all media! An exceptional quality/price ratio, your site from 2000€ and a marketing + social networks subscription formula. Choose ByCM instead of an employee!

Take advantage of a small specialized, concerned and efficient team. 

About us

Community Management - combined design & content experience


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